Amir Khan's Swift Rise and Fall: A Look Back at the WBA Super Lightweight Title Clash

December 7, 2023

Amir Khan, a name synonymous with speed and skill in the world of boxing, made a resounding statement in 2009 when he defended his newly acquired WBA super lightweight world title against Dmitry Salita. This showdown not only showcased Khan's exceptional abilities but also set the stage for the highs and lows that would follow in his illustrious career.

The WBA Super Lightweight Title Clash: In Newcastle in 2009, Khan faced Salita, an undefeated challenger at the time. Khan's mesmerizing hand speed took center stage as he wasted no time asserting dominance over his opponent. The opening bell marked the beginning of a one-sided affair, with Khan landing a stunning one-two that sent Salita to the canvas within seconds.

Despite Salita's efforts to recover, Khan's relentless assault continued. Cornered and under immense pressure, Salita found himself on his knees once again after another powerful combination from the champion. The referee's eight-count became a recurring theme, signaling the inevitable as Khan secured victory within the first round.

The Unraveling of Khan's Career: Khan's triumph over Salita was a glimpse of his potential to dominate the super lightweight division. However, despite unifying the division with a knockout victory over Zab Judah two years later, Khan's career trajectory took a downturn. Defeats against Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia marked a shift in his fortunes.

The Ill-Fated Jump to Welterweight: Moving up to welterweight provided Khan with some success, but an unexpected opportunity to face Canelo Alvarez in the WBC middleweight world title bout changed the course of his career. Khan's decision, primarily a financial one, resulted in a spectacular knockout by Canelo in the sixth round, leaving lasting repercussions on Khan's abilities and confidence.

The Decline and Retirement: Post the devastating loss to Canelo, Khan returned to the ring but failed to secure significant victories. Knockout defeats against Terence Crawford and longtime rival Kell Brook signaled the end of his professional boxing journey. In December 2023, fans commemorated the 2009 clash with Salita, reflecting on Khan's storied career and the pivotal moments that shaped it.

Amir Khan's journey from the sensational victory over Dmitry Salita to the challenges and setbacks in his later career is a testament to the unpredictable nature of professional boxing. As fans reminisce about the defining moments, Khan's legacy remains indelible in the annals of British boxing, sparking debates on his place in the all-time pound-for-pound rankings.