January 28, 2022


Back in September, NFL wide receiver and punt returner Brandon Powell was a Buffalo Bill, his third team in four years, “but that didn't work out and then before I came to LA I was actually home for three weeks, not even knowing if I’ll be playing in the NFL again, because no calls are coming in or anything, “ says Powell during a conversation with MILLIONS.

Then the phone rang, and the Los Angeles Rams told Powell they needed him, so he packed up his things, left Florida, and headed to LA.  It wouldn’t be long before he made a major impact on the team’s season.  On December 26th against the Minnesota Vikings Powell fielded a punt and returned it 61 yards for a touchdown, helping the Rams clinch a spot in the playoffs.  

Powell gives a lot of credit to the special teams coaching staff of the Rams, saying they rehearsed the play in practice and planned for it.  He says pulling it off was simply amazing,  “there’s only two teams in the NFL that have a punt return touchdown this year and as being one of those is like, man, that’s just a blessing that just God -- shows that God is real…and if you put the work in, you believe in yourself, anything can happen.” Powell was named NFC Special Teams Player of the Week thanks to that touchdown. 

Now his team is on a Super Bowl run, having won two playoff games against the Arizona Cardinals and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  During the Bucs game this past weekend, Powell had a 33-yard punt return to help boot Tom Brady out of the playoffs.  Powell says he was pumped to make a big play in his home state, “after being in California for so long being far away from home and my family, there was my grandma and mom, dad, brothers, everybody was there. So that was a great feeling to get a big return in front of my family.”

Looking back on the season, Powell can’t believe he’s in the position so many others wish they were in, “being able to be in the playoffs, make a run for the Super Bowl just something I never imagined, to be honest with you, at the beginning of the year. I never imagined to be in this position with the L. A. Rams. So, I’m just trying to enjoy it all, man, take it all in, work as hard as I can, try to help this team get a Super Bowl win.”

Powell heaps all the praise on his teammates, especially the guys on special teams who block for him, saying without them he wouldn’t be able to have such big plays.  And his fans are looking forward to seeing what he can do against the San Francisco 49ers this weekend.

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