Deatrich Wise Jr.: Patriots Captain Advocates Mental Reset Amidst Tough Season

November 16, 2023

In the midst of a challenging season for the New England Patriots, team captain Deatrich Wise Jr. is taking a leadership stance as the team enters its bye week. Currently standing at 2-8, Wise encourages his teammates to step away from the intensity of football, offering valuable advice on mental and physical well-being. This article delves into Wise's perspective on the team's current situation and his unwavering support for Coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Mac Jones.

As the Patriots hit their bye week, Deatrich Wise Jr., now in his seventh NFL season, emphasizes the importance of taking a mental break. In an interview on Tuesday, Wise urged his teammates to utilize the weekend off to recharge and refresh their minds, setting the stage for the final seven games of the season.

"Get away for a little bit," Wise advised, recognizing the toll the NFL season takes on the body, mind, and emotional state. Whether it's visiting relatives, taking a long walk, or enjoying a movie, Wise stresses the significance of distancing oneself from football temporarily to prioritize self-health.

In the face of a challenging 2-8 record, external noise and speculation about the future of Coach Bill Belichick have grown increasingly louder. Wise, however, remains steadfast in his support for the coaching staff, emphasizing that despite a tough season, the Patriots don't have a bad team.

"We've done a lot of great things," Wise asserted. He highlighted the team's defensive success in consistently stopping opponents from reaching their yearly scoring averages. Wise also commended the offense, noting positive plays on both sides of the ball and in special teams.

Of the team's eight losses, five have been by a touchdown or less, prompting Wise to identify the key to a strong post-bye performance: correcting mistakes that have hindered the team on game days.

Wise extended his support to another team captain under recent scrutiny, quarterback Mac Jones. Amidst the challenges, Wise expressed the team's belief in Jones and praised his resilience in handling criticism.

Deatrich Wise Jr.'s perspective provides insight into the Patriots' mindset as they navigate a difficult season. As the team enters the bye week, Wise's call for mental rejuvenation and unwavering support for Coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Mac Jones sets the tone for the challenges ahead. For more details and the original source, refer to the article on CBS Boston

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