DJ Moore on Controversial Offside Call that Altered Chiefs vs. Bills Game

December 13, 2023

In a dramatic turn of events during the Chiefs vs. Bills game, a late-game touchdown that could have changed the course of the match was nullified by a controversial offside call. The reigning MVP, DJ Moore, has voiced his opinions on the crucial play that stirred up debates across the football community.

With just over a minute to play and the Chiefs trailing 20-17, quarterback Patrick Mahomes connected with tight end Travis Kelce for a deep pass. Kelce, in a remarkable display of skill, tossed a cross-field lateral to wideout Kadarius Toney, who sprinted 24 yards for what seemed like a game-winning touchdown. However, the elation was short-lived as a flag was thrown.

Toney was penalized for lining up offside by a matter of inches, resulting in the touchdown being called back. The Chiefs' subsequent drive turned fruitless, and they turned the ball over on downs in the game's final seconds.

Mahomes, visibly upset, expressed his frustration with the officials, calling it the "wildest f------ call" he had ever seen. The quarterback has since apologized for his emotional outburst, emphasizing the need for better behavior on and off the field.

Amidst the uproar, DJ Moore, Chicago Bears wide receiver, shared his perspective on the controversial call during a radio appearance on 670 the Score. Moore highlighted the importance of communication between the receiver and the official before a play to ensure there are no offside violations.

"He's [Toney] got to check with the ref," Moore explained. "If the ref just told him to back up a few inches, he'd have been good. They shouldn't have really even let the play go that long, in my opinion."

Moore stressed the need for clear communication between players and officials, emphasizing that a quick check with the referee before the play could have averted the penalty and changed the outcome of the game. The debate over the contentious call continues to reverberate through the football community, raising questions about the role of officiating in critical moments.

Source: Yahoo Sports

Image from Twitter/X: @idjmoore