JD Davison's Development: The Shooting Challenge on His Path to the Boston Celtics

December 1, 2023

JD Davison's journey through the G League season has been nothing short of impressive, showcasing his potential as a promising point guard. With notable performances and an uptick in key statistical areas, Davison is clearly on the Celtics' radar. However, a crucial obstacle stands between him and a spot on the Boston Celtics roster.

In his sophomore year in the league, Davison's numbers speak volumes. Averaging 9.2 assists, a significant increase from last season, and demonstrating a scoring surge, Davison appears to be making the second-year leap the Celtics had hoped for. Yet, one aspect of his game demands attention: shooting accuracy.

The Alabama alum's shooting percentage has dipped to 44.8%, raising concerns about efficiency. His field goal percentage has seen fluctuations, with his three-point shooting revealing a more challenging struggle. Davison's .333 three-point percentage doesn't mirror the actual challenges he faces.

The G-League journey serves its purpose for Davison, providing ample playing time for skill development. Rondo's mentorship, while beneficial in certain aspects, can't address the shooting woes that Davison encounters. With a raw talent like Davison, honing his skills is a work in progress, and his six-game stint with the Maine Celtics showcases exactly that.

The shooting trends are a part of Davison's growth story. Leaving Alabama after his freshman year, he's still acclimating to the professional scene. The focus is on game time, allowing Davison to learn, adapt, and evolve. The parallels with Celtics' Derrick White, who improved his three-point shooting over time, provide optimism for Davison's trajectory.

As the season unfolds, Davison's development remains a captivating narrative. If he sustains his current performance, a potential G-League All-Star spot could be on the horizon. The key to his ascension lies in improving accuracy, a challenge he's poised to overcome as the season progresses.

Source: Hardwood Houdini

Image courtesy: Maddie Malhotra/GettyImages