John Dodson Celebrates XMMA Win And Looks Ahead to Title Fight

April 7, 2022

-Shane Mercer


John “The Magician” Dodson is celebrating his win over Francisco Rivera at XMMA 4: Black Magic on April 2nd.  It was a hard fought fight that looked like Dodson was going to end early in the first round, but it ended up going the distance. Dodson won by unanimous decision on the judge’s scorecards.

Dodson spoke to MILLIONS before and after the fight by sending in Personal Videos through the Ask Me Anything feature.  We took those responses and created the highlight video above.  Here are the transcriptions of the original videos the former UFC fighter sent us.

Before the fight:

John: What’s up, you guys? This is John Dodson and I'm here getting ready for this fight on April 2nd. Fight on XMMA. I’m fighting Francisco Rivera and I'm going to hurt this man. I'm going to be the fastest man that he's ever had to go against. And I’ll be one of the hardest hitting. He's going to be so scared of me because I'm just a monster in the cage. 

Come April 2nd, I'm going to be sitting there showing why I've been fighting for over 2 decades and the fact that I keep on growing as an athlete. Since I'm going to keep on continuing my legacy of being one of the greatest fighters of all time, I want to collect as many titles as I possibly can in as many organizations. I don't care which one it is, it could be whatever organization that they throw me in next. I want to solidify the fact that I am the greatest mixed martial artist that's ever lived. Even DJ gave me props and they're saying I'm one of the hardest hitting ones. 

So what the fans can go ahead and expect from this fight is seeing a new improvement of John Dodson and the one who is the most vicious one that's ever been out there. 

And here’s what he had to say after the fight:

John: What’s up, you guys? I had a hard fought fight against Francisco Rivera on Saturday night. Man, I thought I had that fight won in the 1st round. I sat there going out there punching him a million times more than you can ever absorb and his head was just too hard for me to put him to sleep. Went all three rounds, the 1st, 2ndround, all mine. But 3rd round I sat there, showcased some different talents, making sure I can still show you guys what my best speed, the footwork, the head movement that nobody is still going to be able to touch me. 

I feel amazing about it because since he's a crafty veteran, I made sure I can go ahead and do the hard work to go ahead and put on a show for you guys. I called out John Sweeney for my next opponent because he wanted to go ahead and fight for the title, but XMMA had already told me that I will not be fighting that young man. So good luck to him in his career. I will be fighting for XMMA for my next title fight and I can't wait to see what they’re giving to me. 

For all the fans who love me, hate me, thank you guys for continuing on supporting me and to keep my name. You guys are the reason that I'd love to keep on fighting. I'm going to keep on putting on great shows for you guys. 

Being part of MILLIONS is an amazing thing. I like this app because I can go ahead and have a live stream for you guys. Have some new merchandise for you guys and it's just going to be a new platform for me to go ahead and showcase everything for you guys and interact with them. So you guys hit me up on MILLIONS and I'll talk to you guys later. Peace. 

You can ask Dodson anything and you can support him by shopping for his merchandise.  You can also follow his fight journey by regularly checking out the MILLIONS blog.  You can also follow him on instagram @johndodsonmma and on Twitter @JohnDodsonMMA.