Jordan Goodwin's Impactful Fourth Quarter Propels Phoenix Suns to Victory

December 19, 2023

In a stunning turn of events, the Phoenix Suns, plagued by fourth-quarter struggles, orchestrated a remarkable comeback against the Washington Wizards, securing a 112-108 victory. The Suns, trailing 89-81 after the third quarter, outscored the Wizards 31-19 in the final period, displaying a remarkable team effort that proved crucial for the win.

A pivotal figure in this fourth-quarter resurgence was Jordan Goodwin, whose contributions underscored the Suns' potential when playing cohesively. Acquired in the Bradley Beal trade from Washington in June, Goodwin faced his former team for the first time and made a significant impact.

Playing eight minutes in the quarter, Goodwin finished with a +13 rating, amassing four points, five rebounds (three offensive), and two assists in the decisive period. For the entire game, he contributed eight points, eight rebounds, six assists, and held a team-high +17 in just 20 minutes on the court.

Devin Booker, Suns' guard, acknowledged Goodwin's pivotal role, stating, "He came in, he changed the game in more ways than one... he was a big part of that."

Goodwin's ability to spark the Suns in the fourth quarter has been evident throughout the season. In previous matchups, he showcased his intensity, providing crucial points and rebounds when the team needed it most. His performance against the Grizzlies and the Knicks exemplified his knack for elevating the Suns in tight situations.

Coach Frank Vogel commended Goodwin's performance, emphasizing his role as a low-turnover setup guy and a guard crasher. Vogel stated, "He had a great performance from that standpoint tonight."

While stars like Booker and Durant are expected to close out games, Goodwin's efforts on both ends of the court, preventing the Wizards from scoring threes and crashing the offensive glass, demonstrated how supplementary players can enhance the Suns' closing capabilities.

With Bradley Beal sidelined until at least Jan. 1, the Suns face challenges, but consistent contributions from players like Goodwin could be a key factor in overcoming fourth-quarter struggles. As the team navigates uncertainties, the ability of role players to step up in critical moments becomes increasingly crucial for the Suns' success.


Photo credits: Bill Barrett