Ladarius Henderson: Elevating Michigan Football's Offensive Line

October 3, 2023

Image Credits: AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Ladarius Henderson's impact on Michigan's football offensive line has been undeniable, shaping it into a formidable force on the field. Coach Jim Harbaugh's recent remarks underscore this sentiment, hinting that Henderson will continue to play a crucial role in starting lineups.

Michigan's prowess in the running game has been evident, especially over the last couple of weeks. Despite some early season hiccups, when faced with strong run defenses from teams like Rutgers and Nebraska, Michigan rose to the occasion. While Rutgers and Nebraska had only been allowing an average of 2.6 and 1.8 yards per rushing attempt respectively, Michigan crossed 200 yards in both encounters. Blake Corum, with his remarkable three rushing scores in these games, played a pivotal role.

Much of this success can be attributed to the reshuffling on the offensive line. Due to an injury to Myles Hinton, Henderson, an Arizona State transfer like Hinton, was brought in. This decision to position Henderson at left tackle enabled Karsen Barnhart to revert to the right, echoing his previous season's role. This lineup—comprising Henderson, Trevor Keegan, Drake Nugent, Zak Zinter, and Karsen Barnhart—has emerged as Michigan's top offensive quintet.

In a recent discussion, Harbaugh elaborated on the concept of a "rally group" for the offensive line. He mentioned players like Trente Jones and the sidelined Hinton, emphasizing their potential roles either as extra tight ends or as substitutes for rest intervals. Yet, when it comes to the paramount five, Henderson undoubtedly leads the pack.

Harbaugh's admiration for his team is clear. Reflecting on the situation, he remarked, “We have an exceptional group of players. While we often rotate in the defensive line, there's potential for similar strategy in the offensive line. We need to utilize every player's unique strengths."

Given the offensive line's commendable performance in recent games, particularly with Henderson as left tackle, continuity seems like a wise approach. If the winning combination involves Henderson and Barnhart helming the flanks, Michigan should indeed persist with it.

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Original article source: GBMWolverine.