Luana Santos Secures Victory at UFC Vegas 83

December 13, 2023

Image Credits: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Rising MMA star Luana Santos continued her ascent in the UFC ranks with a decisive victory over Stephanie Egger at UFC Vegas 83. This impressive performance, originally covered by Cageside Press, marks a significant milestone in Santos’ burgeoning career.

Entering the octagon with momentum from her successful promotional debut, Santos faced Egger, who was striving to rebound from a loss to Irina Alekseeva. The match began with Santos taking aggressive swings, showcasing her striking prowess. As the opening round progressed, Santos seamlessly transitioned to grappling, demonstrating her versatile skill set. She effectively controlled Egger along the fence, mixing in knees and stomps, and emerged from the round with a comfortable lead.

In the second round, despite Egger's efforts to establish her offense, Santos maintained her dominance. Utilizing a strategic throw, Santos brought the fight to the ground, securing side control. Although Egger managed to scramble back to her feet, she found herself consistently pinned against the fence by Santos’ relentless pressure.

The final round saw Santos execute another throw, landing in a dominant position. Egger briefly threatened a counter-move but was unable to capitalize. Santos' control along the fence and her grappling expertise were the deciding factors, giving her the edge in this closely contested bout.

Luana Santos’ victory at UFC Vegas 83 is a testament to her growing reputation as a formidable fighter in the UFC. Her ability to blend striking with effective grappling and cage control makes her a significant threat in the women’s division.

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Santos' performance at UFC Vegas 83 not only elevates her status within the UFC but also sets the stage for more exciting matchups in the future. Her blend of skills and determination positions her as a fighter to watch in upcoming events.