Malik Sherrod: The Unstoppable Force Leading Fresno State to Victory

November 7, 2023

In a thrilling showdown against Boise State, Malik Sherrod displayed an electrifying performance that left fans in awe. As we examine the remarkable 37-30 victory, it becomes evident that Sherrod played a pivotal role in Fresno State's success, bringing the coveted Milk Can trophy back home.

Jeff Tedford, the head coach of Fresno State, saw a different side of Malik Sherrod on the day of the game. Normally known for his cheerful demeanor and exceptional speed, Sherrod was brimming with energy and determination to face Boise State. Tedford even shared that he had to calm Sherrod down before the game, emphasizing the level of excitement.

However, it was this newfound intensity that drove Sherrod to play as if he were "possessed," in Tedford's own words. He left an indelible mark on the game by making significant plays in crucial moments.

In the closing seconds of the first half, Sherrod took a kick return and ran an astounding 95 yards for a touchdown, igniting the crowd's excitement. Later, when Boise State attempted a final push to regain possession, Sherrod executed a breathtaking 52-yard touchdown run, leaving defenders in his wake like debris from an EF-3 tornado.

This outstanding performance led to Sherrod accumulating 132 rushing yards on the night, surpassing his previous season-high of 131 yards against Utah State. Notably, his relentless efforts ensured the return of the Milk Can trophy to Fresno State.

Sherrod's exceptional energy and motivation for this game stemmed from two significant sources. First, the haunting memory of a humiliating 40-14 loss to Boise State at home in 2021 fueled his determination to help his team succeed. Second, his desire to prove a point to Boise State, who didn't recruit him out of Pacifica, added to his fiery performance.

Sherrod's emotional and passionate approach to the game was evident throughout, reflecting his commitment to the team. While he may have appeared jovial off the field, when he stepped onto the turf, he transformed into a dynamic force, using his emotions as a driving factor for success.

Sherrod's remarkable kickoff return for a touchdown and a crucial catch in the third quarter, despite the odds, contributed significantly to Fresno State's victory. Boise State's defense, known for its strength, couldn't contain Sherrod's determined runs, surrendering 132 rushing yards to him, including a run of 52 yards.

Fresno State's offensive line also played a crucial role in the victory, providing strong pass blocking and keeping the Boise State defense at bay. Despite changes in the offensive line, they achieved a high pass-blocking grade and kept the pressure on Mikey Keene to a minimum.

In addition to Sherrod's incredible performance, Fresno State's wide receiver depth was on full display, with multiple viable options in the passing game.

Malik Sherrod's unstoppable spirit and determination, combined with the contributions of his teammates, ensured Fresno State's thrilling victory over Boise State. This game marked a significant moment in the team's journey and showcased the outstanding talent of Malik Sherrod.

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