Matt Frevola's UFC 295 Challenge: Unleashing the 'Steamrolla' Against Thiago Moisés

November 10, 2023

While UFC 295's spotlight is set on the championship headliners, New York's own Matt Frevola is gearing up for a compelling showdown, determined to leave an indelible mark inside Madison Square Garden. Currently holding the #14 spot in the UFC's lightweight division, Frevola is on the cusp of the top 10, riding a wave of three consecutive victories over Genaro Valdéz, Ottman Azaitar, and Drew Dober.

At UFC 295, Frevola faces a distinctive challenge, defending his ranking against the formidable Thiago Moisés, a skilled and formerly ranked opponent. Amidst the fervor of the matchup, Frevola welcomes the opportunity to showcase his mettle against a respected adversary, aiming to add another impressive win to his streak.

During UFC 295 media day, Frevola expressed his eagerness for the bout, analyzing the nuances of facing Moisés within the confines of "The Big Apple." Moisés, known for his resilience, poses a unique challenge, and Frevola is focused on proving his capabilities against a fighter of Moisés' caliber.

"It excited me," Frevola shared, reflecting on his reaction to the fight offer. "I want to fight the tough guys. Thiago Moisés is a respected name, and I'm ready to show everyone that I can handle the challenge," he added.

As the anticipation builds for UFC 295, all eyes will be on Frevola and Moisés inside the Octagon. Frevola, aptly nicknamed "The Steamrolla," is determined to demonstrate that his fighting prowess extends to overcoming the challenges posed by top-tier opponents like Thiago Moisés.

Having secured his last two victories close to home, Frevola is no stranger to the fervent atmosphere of New York and New Jersey. He looks to channel the energy of the crowd at Madison Square Garden and create another memorable moment by halting Moisés' momentum.

As the clash approaches, Frevola remains undeterred, drawing strength from his experience and welcoming the feisty reception that comes with high-stakes matchups. UFC 295 promises a thrilling encounter, and Matt Frevola is poised to showcase the 'Steamrolla' spirit against the formidable Thiago Moisés.

Original Source: MMANews - Matt Frevola Vows To Show UFC 295 Opponent Nicknamed 'God Of War' That He Is 'Just A Man'