Grant Dawson vs. Joe Solecki, Lightweight Showdown at UFC 302

May 23, 2024

Grant Dawson and Joe Solecki are set to clash in a thrilling lightweight bout at UFC 302 in New Jersey on June 1st.

Grant Dawson, with a record of 20-2-1, will make his return on June 1st after his first appearance since last October. Before his less-than-ideal performance then, Dawson held an impressive 12-fight unbeaten streak, including 9 UFC wins, skyrocketing his ranking. Now, Dawson is one of the most competitive fighters in the UFC.

"I’m excited to show how much better I’ve gotten and that I still belong in the top 15," declared Grant Dawson after his last fight, reaffirming his ambitions. "This sport goes fast, and you can’t be sitting and wallowing in self-pity."

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