Notts County's Luke Williams Analyzes 4-2 Victory Over Bradford

November 20, 2023

Notts County emerged victorious with a 4-2 win against Bradford, but the game presented a tale of two halves, leaving manager Luke Williams with mixed sentiments.

In the initial half, Notts County showcased an outstanding performance, securing a commanding lead with four goals. Macaulay Langstaff netted a brace, complemented by goals from David McGoldrick and Dan Crowley. The first-half display reflected Williams' vision for the team, described as "breathtaking at times."

However, the second half painted a different picture as County experienced a noticeable dip in performance. Bradford managed to cut the deficit with Richard Brindley's own goal and Jamie Walker's strike, demonstrating the visitors' resilience.

Williams reflected on the contrasting halves, stating, "The first half, as good as we were, we were equally poor in the second at times." He acknowledged the team's struggle with maintaining intensity and awareness in the latter half, despite their strong initial showing.

Expressing his thoughts on the team's overall performance, Williams remarked, "Too many times we’ve been 3-0 up at half-time and we know we deserve to be because we played well, so then to fall off the edge of a cliff in that way is something we are continuing to work on."

He emphasized the need for a sustained period to adapt to the challenges of League Two, asserting that 45 minutes do not constitute a full football game. The victory keeps Notts County among the leaders in the division, but Williams acknowledged areas that require improvement.

On the opposing side, Bradford boss Graham Alexander took responsibility for his team's lackluster first-half performance. He admitted, "We were nowhere near good enough in the first half," expressing regret over a tactical approach that led to Notts County exploiting defensive vulnerabilities.

Despite the halftime scoreline, Alexander praised his team's second-half response, noting their aggressive approach and resilience. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a proactive game plan from the beginning to avoid early setbacks.

In conclusion, Notts County's 4-2 victory over Bradford becomes a valuable learning experience for Luke Williams and his team as they strive to find consistency and adapt to the demands of League Two.

(Source: Beinsports)

(Image Courtesy: League two)