Pryce Taylor's Stellar Debut in Professional Boxing

December 4, 2023

Image Credits: Prime Time Promotions

Celebrated amateur boxer Pryce Taylor made a remarkable entrance into the professional boxing world, securing a victory against Mike Diorio in his debut match. This event, initially reported by PhilBoxing, took place at the Prime Time Promotions card in Queens, New York.

Standing at an impressive 6' 4" and weighing 265 pounds, Taylor brought with him a legacy of success from his amateur days, including two New York Golden Gloves Champion titles and notable performances in the USA National Championships. His professional debut was nothing short of spectacular, as he demonstrated his prowess in the ring by decisively defeating Diorio with powerful body shots, leading to a first-round victory.

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Post-fight, Taylor expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from his fans, highlighting the importance of showcasing his skills to a supportive audience. His manager, New York City-based lawyer Keith Sullivan, praised Taylor’s focus on technique over sheer power and his ability to stay composed under pressure.

Looking ahead, Taylor's second professional fight is already on the horizon, with a scheduled match against Christopher Arnold set for December 16th. This upcoming bout promises to be a thrilling display of Taylor's growing capabilities in the professional arena.

Sullivan remarked on the significance of Taylor’s first pro win, emphasizing the challenging transition from amateur to professional boxing. He expressed confidence in Taylor's skills and potential, foreseeing a bright future for him in the heavyweight division.

As Pryce Taylor continues to make waves in professional boxing, his journey represents not just personal achievement, but also the emergence of new talent in the boxing world. With his remarkable debut and the promise of more thrilling matches to come, Taylor is undoubtedly a boxer to watch.