Raul Rosas Jr. Will Shine Bright at Fight Night

June 6, 2024

This Saturday, Raul Rosas Jr., known as "El Nino Problema," will step into the octagon to face Ricky Turcios in Louisville, Kentucky, as part of the Fight Night event of 2024.

At just 18 years old,
Rosas Jr. is the youngest fighter in the UFC lineup, and since his debut at UFC 282, he has rapidly emerged as one of the most promising talents in mixed martial arts.

His youthful energy, combined with a fearless fighting style, has captivated fans and experts alike.
Rosas Jr. has quickly built a reputation for his explosive techniques and relentless determination.

His rise in the UFC is nothing short of meteoric, and with every fight, he continues to prove that age is just a number. The MMA community is buzzing with excitement to see what
"El Nino Problema" will bring to the octagon next, as his journey is just beginning, and the sky's the limit for this young phenom.

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