The Rising Star Catching Tar Heel's Eye in UNC Basketball Recruiting

November 6, 2023

Josiah Sanders, a name on the lips of basketball enthusiasts, is quickly becoming a sought-after talent in the world of college basketball. The 6-foot-8, 200-pound lefty hailing from Berean Baptist Academy (N.C.) is making waves, and the UNC basketball coaching staff is taking notice. In a recent conversation with Patrick O'Brien of Phenom Hoop Report, Sanders shared his exciting journey.

Despite his sophomore status in high school, UNC's interest in Sanders is steadily growing. He revealed that UNC asked for his transcript and expressed their intention to stay in touch. Sanders said, "They said they loved what they saw and would be back to check out a few games." While an official offer is yet to come, Sanders remains committed to refining his skills, understanding that the journey is just beginning.

Josiah Sanders has already secured offers from multiple universities, including Appalachian State, Coastal Carolina, High Point, Hampton, Charleston, Radford (UNC's season opener opponent in Chapel Hill on Monday night), and recently, ACC-bound Cal. Notably, he has attracted the attention of schools such as Clemson, Illinois, Tennessee, Mississippi State, and several other prominent institutions.

UNC basketball recruiters have not yet officially targeted any 2026 prospects, and Josiah Sanders is poised to be one of the first selections when the time comes. With his immense talent and potential, he is expected to receive a four-star or five-star ranking once the 2026 rankings expand.

Josiah Sanders' journey in the world of basketball is just beginning, and the UNC basketball program's interest in him marks the start of an exciting chapter. Stay tuned to All Tar Heels on for the latest updates on Josiah Sanders and UNC basketball recruiting news.

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By Matt Giles, Publisher of Blue Devil Country and All Tar Heels on