Thiago Moises Set to Battle Ludovit Klein on June 8

June 5, 2024

Thiago Moises is gearing up to face Ludovit Klein on June 8, following his impressive TKO win via leg kicks over Mitch Ramirez.

Moises is determined to maintain his form and continue his ascent in the lightweight rankings. Known for his resilience and skill, Moises returned to his homeland, Brazil, for intense preparation.

Amid his rigorous training, Moises shared a humorous anecdote: "While I was doing the anti-doping (peeing in front of the anti-doping guy), my dog came into the bathroom," Moises recounted. "I was trying to concentrate with another man watching, and he just wanted to start a conversation about my dog. That was awkward."

This light-hearted moment adds a touch of humor to the intense pre-fight atmosphere.
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