'When and Where', Bryce Mitchell Responds to Sean Woodson's Callout

May 14, 2024

After defeating Alex Caceres at last week's Saturday's Fight Night Event, Sean Woodson called a challenge to Bryce Mitchell. In response to the provocation, "Thug Nasty" quickly replied in a video, "When and where?" despite not stepping into the octagon since November last year.

Woodson told Michael Bisping in his in-cage post-fight interview: “I just beat a top 15-ranked guy, I feel like I should be (ranked in the) top 15 next. Next, I want Bryce Mitchell. I want No. 10, then I want No. 5, then I want a title shot.”

“When and where, dude? When and where?” Mitchell immediately responded in a video on social media. “I’m sitting here watching this sh*t. I’m ready. I need some money. I’m ready to fight you. Tell me where.”

Mitchell started his career 15-0, including 6-0 in the UFC. But his journey in the UFC over the past two years hasn't been easy. During this time, his record stands at 1-2, with UFC matchmakers attempting to match him against Mosvar Evloev twice. Now, Sean Woodson presents a golden opportunity for Mitchell.

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