Ailin Perez Pursues Legal Action Against Joselyne Edwards After UFC Brawl

December 12, 2023

In a dramatic turn of events, UFC bantamweight Ailin Perez is escalating her dispute with Joselyne Edwards beyond the octagon. Following their physical confrontation at the UFC Performance Institute earlier this month, Perez is now following through on her threat of legal action against Edwards.

Perez's representative, Lucas Lutkis, confirmed that a lawsuit will be filed against Edwards by the end of this week, turning what initially seemed like an online grudge into a legal battle. This development adds another layer of intensity to an already heated feud that recently spilled from the virtual realm into a physical clash, leaving Perez with a cut under her left eye.

The legal threat was first hinted at by Perez during a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, where she sternly conveyed to Edwards, "Legally, this isn't over, and you're a criminal," as translated from her original statement.

Joselyne Edwards, as of now, has not responded to the legal action, and her representative, Ali Abdelaziz of Dominance MMA, has not issued any comments on the matter.

The backstory to this legal showdown traces back to Perez's revelation after her victory at UFC Vegas 82. Sporting a black eye during fight week, Perez disclosed that Edwards attacked her during a training session at the UFC Performance Institute. Perez claimed her coach intervened to save her, but Edwards countered, alleging that the coach was "strangling" her while Perez attacked.

Veteran MMA manager Alex Davis stepped into the narrative, asserting that he intervened to prevent Edwards from being choked out by Perez's coach. The situation escalated further when Davis claimed that Perez's coach, Javier Oyarzabal, confronted him at the host hotel for UFC Vegas 82, attempting to intimidate him and disputing Davis's version of the altercation.

Perez believes the roots of this clash lie in her previous online comments, where she expressed her opinion that Edwards lost her fight against Lucie Pudilová, her scheduled opponent at UFC Vegas 82. The tension reached a boiling point at the UFC PI cafeteria, where Edwards allegedly stared at Perez. Later, during a post-training photo session, Edwards confronted Perez, stating, "You better win your next fight, because you talk too much."

Perez emphasized that she maintained respect during this encounter and expressed her willingness to accept a fight with Edwards if the UFC offers it, but she made it clear that she would prefer to settle matters inside the octagon rather than outside of it. As the legal drama unfolds, the MMA community awaits the resolution of this feud that has captivated fans with its unexpected twists and turns. Stay tuned for further updates on the legal battle between Ailin Perez and Joselyne Edwards.

Source: MMA Fighting

Image courtesy: MMA Junkie