How Amun Cosme is Shooting For The Moon & Why He Likes iKON FC

March 15, 2022

-Shane Mercer

As he prepares for his fourth professional fight, Amun “Moon” Cosme is letting everyone know he’s much more than just a rising star in mixed martial arts.  Cosme tells MILLIONS he plans on reaching the highest ranks of the sport, “my company‘s name is Lunar Unlimited and that’s exactly what the future holds. A future so bright that you will need an eclipse to block out the light.  A rocket to the Moon & Moon being the future of MMA & the future is now!”

But first he’s got to win, and win a lot, before he would even be considered to fight in arguably the world’s biggest promotion, the UFC.  His next opponent is Alexey Fedoseev, a champion kickboxer from Kyrgyzstan. “I know that he’s a powerful striker with a kickboxing background and he’s very good. Ultimately the strategy will be to take him where he is weakest, but I am definitely always up for scrap as you guys saw my last IKON fight,” says Cosme.

This will be Cosme’s second fight in Jorge Masvidal’s iKON FC, and like he says, his last fight was a bloody brawl in which he got the win over Alexander Schenk. The promotion is pretty new and this will be its second event under Masvidal’s ownership. “It’s the best promotion I’ve ever fought for,” says Cosme, “their whole team on the front and back end are impeccable and they don’t miss a beat. And the fact that it’s a Gamebred promotion probably has everything to do with it.”


While shooting for the moon, Cosme is also hoping to entertain the fans and promises an exciting fight. “I definitely see the fight ending with my hand raised no matter where the fight takes place but my team and I are going to Florida to get a finish.”  And when asked if he has a message for his opponent, Cosme responded saying “there is a scene in the movie TAKEN where Liam Neeson explains he has a specific set of skills and will stop at nothing to get what belongs to him & and his opponent replied ‘good luck’ and that’s what I would say!”

You can support Cosme on his journey through the fight game by buying his merchandise.  And follow his story by frequently checking in on the MILLIONS blog.

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