January 21, 2022

Beaten and bloody, MILLIONS fighter Amun “Moon” Cosme scraped out a hard fought win Friday night at the inaugural event for Jorge Masvidal’s iKON Fighting Championship.  Cosme took the catchweight fight against Alexander Schenk on just 18 days notice and showed that he’s a competitor who is always ready.

Both fighters came out swinging in the first round, and it was hard to tell exactly what landed, but Cosme was gushing blood all over the left side of his face. “The first exchange, I couldn’t see out of my left eye because the blood was pouring in,” said Cosme after the fight.

Cosme scored a big takedown and bought himself time to recover from the strike that opened him up.  He was dominating Schenk from the top position for most of the round and it looked like Cosme was going to end it with a rear-naked choke, but Schenk was saved by the bell.

The second round was full of fireworks and much closer than the first.  Schenk was the first to initiate a clinch and managed to get Cosme to the mat.  But it wasn’t long before Cosme got the better of the grappling exchanges and once again found himself in the top position with back control, dropping a lot of hard punches to Schenk’s head.  

Both fighters came out in round three looking much more cautious, but that didn’t last long, and Schenk seemed to know he had to go for broke.  He landed a flurry of strikes, but accidentally hit Cosme with a low blow that forced a pause in the action.  The fight resumed and Cosme was looking for takedowns, but Schenk defended them well, and started getting the better of the stand-up exchanges.  In the dying seconds of the fight Schenk landed a couple big combinations, but Cosme proved to be too tough.

“I just want to say one thing first, it's a good day to be alive, it's a better day to be great,” said Cosme during the post-fight interview, and he gave some props to Schenk saying, “tough opponent, gave me everything he got.”  

So what’s next?  “Whoever they put in front of me I’m willing to take,” said Cosme, who also thanked his gym, his family, his sponsors, and most of all, his fans.  You can support Cosme on his journey through the fight game by buying his merchandise.

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