Angela Lee Champions Mental Health Advocacy in MMA’s Combat Sports

October 26, 2023

Image Credits: ONE Championship

Angela Lee, former ONE Championship icon, has transitioned from the octagon to a crucial battle against mental health issues in combat sports. A deeply personal mission, Lee's new journey is eloquently unfolded in a detailed CitizenSide article. The adversity and personal trials she endured have cultivated a resilient advocate, determined to instigate essential changes in mental health approaches within MMA.

Angela is not merely a champion of physical combat; her profile on substantiates her newly embraced role as a mental health advocate. On MILLIONS, admirers can further connect with Angela, purchase exclusive merch, and even arrange personal appearances.

Angela Lee's heartfelt dedication stems from a reservoir of personal struggles and the tragic loss of her sister, Victoria Lee. This confluence of despair spurred the inception of Fight Story, a non-profit with a specific aim—forge formidable mental health support structures for combat sports athletes.

Fight Story is a manifestation of Angela’s resilient spirit and unwavering commitment to effecting essential change in mental health perspectives within MMA’s robust community. Angela’s venture isn’t merely organizational; it’s a personal tribute, a way to resonate with her sister's memory and to ensure that the ordeal they faced isn’t an agonizing reality for other athletes.

Connecting with Angela Lee on offers a deeper insight into her journey and the tremendous impact she aims to achieve in mental health advocacy in the realm of combat sports.