January 27, 2022

MILLIONS fighter Ben “Big Tuna” Parrish takes on Sullivan Cauley at Bellator 273 on Saturday.  He is looking to build on the momentum of his last fight, when he stopped Christian Edwards in the first round with a big left hook and a couple hammer fists for good measure.  “I’m from Mississippi, don’t ever doubt me again, don’t you ever bully somebody, don’t you ever tell somebody you think you’re better than them,” was Parrish’s message to fans after that victory at Bellator 266 in September.

Parrish doesn’t look like a typical light heavyweight prize fighter, and the mixed martial artist is teaching people not to judge a book by its cover. “Because I'm tired of society trying to kick less fortunate people while they're down and bully them,” Parrish tells MILLIONS.  He also says he’s been “training my butt off since September.”

He’s up against a younger opponent in Cauley, who is also less experienced, with only two professional fights under his belt.  Just like Parrish, Cauley also appears to have devastating knockout power, finishing both of his Bellator fights in the first round with nasty punches and elbows.  But Parrish says he’s ready for whatever Cauley has to offer, “I worked more on my wrestling and my boxing to prepare for his style of fighting…his cardio and his chin will be tested.”

It’ll be the first fight of the night at Bellator 273, and you don’t want to be late, because Parrish is a banger and there’s a good chance that if you blink, you’ll miss a knockout. “To my fans I love you, we’re in this together let's get this big W & celebrate, “ says Parrish.

You can support “Big Tuna” as he shows all the doubters that he belongs in the world of professional MMA by buying his merchandise.  You can also ask him anything, and you can follow his story by keeping an eye on the MILLIONS blog.  

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