December 31, 2021

The headline match at Cage Fury Fighting Championships’ FURY Pro Grappling 3 event saw an unexpected finish that neither Danielle Kelly nor Carla Esparza saw coming.  

It started with Kelly going straight to the ground, inviting Esparza to take the top position, and she obliged.  Esparza was controlling Kelly, pinning her right hand behind her back, until about the 7:40 mark when Kelly freed her hand, and began hunting for arm locks and sweeps while maintaining wrist control.  

Frustrated by Kelly’s defense from the bottom position, Esparza picked up Kelly, slammed her to the mat, and inadvertently smacked heads.  Blood immediately began gushing from the deep cut above Esparza’s eye and the doctor stopped the match.  Kelly got the win, but also walked out with a big, bruised lump on her forehead.

There was less blood during Renato Moicano’s match against Chase Hooper.  Moicano came into it as the more experienced grappler and it showed. He controlled Hooper for almost the entire eight minute match and gained dominant positions, including full mount.  Hooper's ability to survive and fend off Moicano’s submission attempts was impressive, but it was an easy decision for the judges, and Moicano got his hand raised.     

Always a showman, Kevin Holland did not disappoint, even in a loss to Kody Hamrah.  It took no longer than 90 seconds for the match to explode with flips, somersaults, and flashes of Holland’s trademark smile.  

Ahead of the match Holland told MILLIONS “parts of the ground game are obviously an area that people want to see growth from me,” and fans saw the effort he’s putting into his mat skills.  With less than 5 minutes left in the match Holland pulled guard, and even after Hamrah stood up, Holland remained on the ground coaxing Hamrah to take the top position.  

Once they were standing again, fans witnessed one of the most exciting moments of the night when Holland went vertical, leaping to try and grab Hamrah’s neck, but the veteran saw it coming, and emphatically slammed Holland to the mat.  The match went to the judges and Hamrah's hand was raised, but Holland may have elevated his ground game and gained greater respect for his grappling skills.  

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