UFC Fighter Jamahal Hill Talks Defending Walker & Who He Wants Next

March 3, 2022

Shane Mercer


Jamahal “Sweet Dreams” Hill is enjoying a little bit of time off after his impressive knockout win over Johnny Walker.  But Hill wasn’t going to sit on the sidelines while average Joes and Janes dragged Walker on social media following the fight. “Well that's some weak ass shit,” says Hill, who posted a video on social media defending Walker and slamming anyone talking trash.

“He paid for his loss enough with his oath. You know what I mean, my man had to go to the hospital, he had a concussion and shit. I mean like, but that ain't enough…You all got to go and beat up. You know what I mean, harassing him and his family.”

Walker has said in media reports that he got checked out at the hospital and that he’s 100% healthy. 

Hill’s victory over Walker moved him up in the UFC light heavyweight rankings, putting him at number 10, and now he’s looking ahead to his next fight.  Hill tells MILLIONS he wants to fight Volkan Oezdemir, “I want the man that was quick to open his mouth just because I was in my moment…So, what's up? You don't have to speak from the back, go ahead step up front.”

It’s still not clear when that fight could happen, but Hill says he hopes it’s soon because he has a lot more he wants to show his fans.  

“Just keep watching. I'm just getting started, you know. I appreciate the love. I appreciate the support and I'm just ready to get back in and keep showing what I can do…I feel I just scratched the surface...I just can't wait to show more.”   

You can connect with Hill and ask him anything and he’ll respond with a personal video.  You can also follow his fight journey by regularly checking out the MILLIONS blog.