Paul KOs Woodley in 6th: Insights From a Training Partner

December 19, 2021


It took six rounds, but Jake Paul put the hurt on Tyron Woodley, definitively ending their long running feud dating back to well before their first fight on August 29th.  Paul threw a right-hook just as Woodley dropped his left hand down to his waist and it was lights out.

“Oh my F***ing god” yelled MMA fighter Jake Bostwick, who’s reaction was caught live on the free watch party stream. “I told you”, exclaimed Bostwick, who helped Paul prepare for the fight as a training partner.

Near the beginning of the bout, Bostwick talked about just how hard Paul can hit saying, “his jabs honestly work, solid, they messed my chest up twice.”  Bostwick also pointed out Paul’s improved footwork saying, “he’s moving better than he did in the first fight” and that he “moves his head off the line well.”

While the moment in the sixth round will have people talking, the rest of the fight wasn’t exactly thrilling.  Bare Knuckle Boxer Ulysses Diaz joined Bostwick on the free watch party and at one point just wanted the official to “let them fight.”  There was a lot of clinching in the first five rounds, and at one point Woodley picked up Paul and dumped him to the canvas MMA style. He received a stern warning for that, and there weren’t any points deducted, but it wouldn’t matter in the end.  

That settles the beef between Paul and Woodley, and while Paul might not have been the most gracious in victory, he did give some props to Woodley saying, “this guy is a legend.”  He also thanked Woodley for taking the fight on just two weeks notice.  

Paul was originally scheduled to fight Tommy Fury and he had some choice words for the fighter who pulled out just a few weeks before the fight.  

So what’s next for Paul?  He called out Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz, but perhaps the Fury fight will happen.  Either way, Paul is celebrating another big victory saying, “It’s gotta be the greatest moment of my life, look at what I did.  I’ve knocked out every single person that I’ve fought.”

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