How Liz Carmouche Became The Bellator Women's Flyweight Champion

April 25, 2022


Liz Carmouche is the new Bellator Women’s Flyweight Champion after she stopped Juliana Velasquez in the fourth round at Bellator 278 in Honolulu Friday night.  

MILLIONS connected with the new champ using the Personal Video feature and she responded with a short form ask me anything video.  We used that to create the video above.  Here is a transcription of our questions and her answers. 

Shane: How does it feel to finally be called Champion? 

Liz: Hey, Shane. Thanks so much for reaching out. You know, the idea of being champion hasn't fully settled in and so far it feels great. 

Shane: Describe the first three rounds, and was the fight going according to plan?

Liz: The first two rounds didn't exactly go as planned. My coaches wanted me to do a lot more and I wasn't active the way that I wanted to be. I was certainly surprised by her ability to take the calf kicks, but I felt great once I got into the crucifix.

Shane: Walk us through the fourth round and the finish from the crucifix position.

Liz: I knew that as long as I broke that grip that she had around my body and once I passed that knee over the bicep, I knew the fight was over. Whether it ended in submission or ended in a ground pound, I knew that I had it. It was just a matter of the time and what she was going to be able to give me. 

Shane: What comes next for you- when could we see your first title defence and who could the challenger be? 

Liz: I hope that in the future I can fight in Japan. That's honestly one of the most appealing parts for me at Bellator, is to take this to Japan and to actually open up maybe a 130 or 135 division. 

Shane: Do you have any messages you want to share with your fans

Liz: Thank you so much for all your support and for all my fans, I just want to say thank you so much for being there for me. 

You can connect with Liz Carmouche and ask her anything.  You can also show her some love and support by shopping for her merch. 


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