Manuel Correa prevails in slugfest at Boxing in the 305 main event

February 11, 2022

Manuel “Sweet Dreams” Correa won a hard earned victory against Marcello Williams Friday night at the Boxing in the 305 event put on by Mundo Boxing Promotions. Correa looked like he had a last-minute-Manny game plan, spending the first two minutes of each of the 8 rounds on defense and throwing mostly counter shots, as Williams applied the pressure.  But in the final minute of each round Correa would let his hands fly, throwing powerful hooks and thunderous uppercuts.

Williams applied steady pressure throughout the fight and was a strong test for Correa.  “Definitely he was one of the toughest guys I faced,” said Correa after the fight. He also said he hurt his hand early in the first round throwing a straight right, and fought most of the fight predominantly using his left.

“These are the fights that build you as a fighter, builds your character,” says Correa, who was bleeding from his nose and had a swollen eye by the end of the 6th round.  When the fists were flying at the end of the rounds, Williams was giving just as much as he was getting, and while Correa was bloodied and bruised, the shots he landed seemed to have more power behind them.

It was a great fight by all accounts, the kind that makes fans proud of both boxers and the performance they put on.  It went to the judges and they scored it 77-75, 77-75, and 76-76 in a majority decision in favor of Correa.  He remains undefeated with a record of 11-0.

Correa thanked his fans, saying “thank you for coming out and I promise my next fight will be even better.”  You can support Correa on his quest to the top of the boxing world by purchasing his WatchStreams and you can follow his story by keeping an eye on the MILLIONS blog.