Rising Star Alert - Ammari Diedrick Takes Center Stage at Oktagon 50

December 1, 2023

Published on 24th November 2023 by Michal Čarnoky

When the Oktagon storm hits Ostrava on the 9th of December 2023, the spotlight will shine brightly on rising welterweight talent, Ammari Diedrick. The 50th gala evening promises an unforgettable showcase of skill and determination.

Ammari Diedrick's Journey at Oktagon 50:

In the welterweight division, Ammari Diedrick is set to face Máté Kertész in a showdown that has fans buzzing with anticipation. As a rising star, Diedrick brings a unique blend of skills, athleticism, and hunger for victory.

The Clash with Máté Kertész:

This match presents an exciting opportunity for Diedrick to make a statement in the Oktagon arena. Known for his dynamic fighting style, fans can expect a thrilling contest as Diedrick aims to secure victory and advance his position in the welterweight division.

How to Watch Ammari Diedrick in Action:

Witness Ammari Diedrick's electrifying performance live on Tipsport TV or through the official PPV broadcast on Oktagon.TV for just €12.99.

While every match brings its uncertainties, keep an eye on the odds and consider placing your bets on this rising star.


As Ammari Diedrick steps into the Ostravar Aréna, be prepared for a showcase of raw talent and determination. Secure your tickets early and witness the ascent of a welterweight prospect in the making.

For more information on Ammari Diedrick's journey and Oktagon 50 updates, stay tuned to our coverage.

Source: FightLive