The Best Opponents for Ryan Garcia's Next Fight

May 8, 2024

Photo source: Boxing News 24

Ryan Garcia's upset victory over Devin Haney was a remarkable achievement that instantly catapulted the 25-year-old into the spotlight. Although he didn't win the title due to missing weight, this fact faded away after the fight, as Garcia, the underdog, knocked Haney down three times en route to a well-earned majority decision victory. The atmosphere at the Barclays Center was electric, and the surprising result left fans speculating about who Garcia should face next as he continued to rebuild his career after his previous loss to Gervonta Davis​.

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Ryan Garcia began his career at just 17 in Tijuana and has become one of boxing's most exciting talents. The win over Haney reasserts his presence in the sport, and several matchups now seem possible for Garcia's next fight. 

Isaac Cruz

Isaac "Pitbull" Cruz is a notable candidate due to his aggressive fighting style and recent history with Garcia. Although Cruz is suspended, the Mexican fighter nearly faced Garcia in 2022. 

Their clash, should it happen, would be entertaining given their contrasting styles, with Cruz's relentless aggression facing Garcia's speed and precision. Both fighters have unfinished business, making this potential bout highly anticipated​.

Teofimo Lopez

Teofimo Lopez, the reigning WBO junior welterweight champion, has emerged as a top contender for Ryan Garcia's next fight. Lopez captured his current title by defeating Josh Taylor in June, and a potential fight with Garcia had been on the table before Lopez declined the offer, citing the proposed $1.5 million purse as insufficient. However, with Garcia's recent triumph reigniting his status in the boxing world, a matchup between these two power brokers could generate substantial buzz and financial rewards. Lopez and Garcia are highly active on social media, known for their trash talk, and would bring an intense dynamic to the buildup​.

Lopez previously held multiple titles at 135 pounds and has since been campaigning at 140, where Garcia also intends to make his mark. The surprising results from Garcia's last fight could shift the conversation, as a bout with him now holds greater significance and appeal. 

Garcia has expressed interest in this matchup, emphasizing his ambition to make it happen after his win over Devin Haney. "After I beat Haney, I'd like to fight Teofimo," he said. "I think that's my next one. We're going to break the internet even more."​

Alexis Rocha

Alexis Rocha, with a record of 24 wins, 2 losses, and 16 knockouts, is well-positioned as a probable opponent for Ryan Garcia's next fight. A fellow Golden Boy Promotions fighter, Rocha is an easy choice if Garcia moves up to welterweight. The matchup is straightforward and would generate significant interest because fans expect it to be a tightly contested bout. Additionally, Rocha's fighting style could make this an intriguing clash with Garcia, drawing spectators keen to see two contrasting styles​.

Despite Rocha's defeats against tougher opponents, he remains a credible challenge for Garcia with his knockout power and reach advantage. Rocha bounced back from his recent setback against Giovani Santillan by winning against Fredrick Lawson, demonstrating resilience and determination. His proven ability to stand toe-to-toe with elite fighters would offer Garcia a competitive fight that betting fans would eagerly follow, especially given the availability of promotional offers like the BetMGM bonus code.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul, known for his internet stardom and recent boxing endeavors, is often seen as a wildcard in the boxing world. Despite the spectacle associated with Paul, Garcia's interest in the social media star isn't entirely dismissed. 

Garcia has previously posted on social media, calling out Paul and stating he’s serious about ending Paul's boxing venture. However, the two have a significant size difference, with Paul towering over Garcia and having a notable reach advantage.

Given their massive social media following, a potential fight between the two could capture the world's attention. Finding a suitable weight for this bout would be crucial, as Paul has never weighed less than 183 pounds, while Garcia's heaviest was around 143 pounds in his fight against Haney. 

Gervonta Davis

Gervonta "Tank" Davis, who handed Garcia his only professional loss, represents a rematch opportunity that Garcia is keen on pursuing. He believes he can beat Davis under different circumstances and has consistently voiced his desire to avenge his previous defeat. 

A rematch could provide clarity and a chance for Garcia to redeem himself, especially since there are no hydration clauses this time.

Conor Benn

A surprising prospect emerged after Garcia's recent online exchange with British boxer Conor Benn. Their social media back-and-forth culminated in Garcia challenging Benn to a fight in London, promising an intense bout. 

While a crossover match would attract interest, Garcia's commitment to boxing would keep this matchup within traditional lines, offering an exciting new challenge​.


Ryan Garcia faces an intriguing decision when choosing his next opponent, with options ranging from strategic to entertaining. Isaac Cruz offers a rematch full of unfinished business, while a bout against Teofimo Lopez could bring fireworks due to their contrasting personalities and styles. Alexis Rocha provides a solid stepping stone if Garcia shifts to welterweight. Jake Paul would deliver a high-profile event with unprecedented attention. 

A rematch with Gervonta Davis provides a chance for redemption, and a fight with Conor Benn adds an international twist. Whoever he selects, the choice will significantly shape his boxing legacy.