Ulysses Diaz Has Come Back KO in Firefight at BKFC: Knucklemania II

February 19, 2022

Ulysses “Monster” Diaz put on a show with a game opponent in Sawyer Depee at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship’s Knucklemania 2.  The fight was filled with fireworks that included a combined three knockdowns, with Diaz being the first to hit the mat.  But he rebounded and pulled out a huge come-from-behind victory.

Both fighters came out in round one looking to take the head off their opponent, leading to big explosions, and they both landed powerful shots in the opening moments.  About 30 seconds in, Diaz got rocked and fell to the mat.  It looked as though it may be a quick night for the fighter from Miami, but he picked himself up, stared the referee in the eye and said he was ready to keep going.


Diaz immediately landed a big left of his own, and looked more confident in the ring, throwing combinations.  He connected with a strong left, followed by a big right that sent Depee to his knees.  Depee slowly got back up and told the referee he was ready for more and the round ended with both men swinging wildly, looking as though it could be over before the bell, but they made it out alive.

Fireworks again at the beginning of round two saw both fighters land heavy punches, but Diaz was just a split second faster now.  He was landing more frequently, and could likely sense he was now in control of the fight.  Diaz connected with a straight right followed by a left hook, and Depee dropped again, but this time he didn’t get back up.  

Diaz threw 45 total strikes and landed 37 of them, good for 82%.  As he approaches 41-years-old, Diaz showed he’s still got what it takes to compete at an extremely high level in combat sports.  

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