Vanessa Demopoulos Promises “Explosions” in Fight at UFC 270

January 20, 2022

UFC 270: Ngannou vs. Gane is the first UFC pay-per-view of 2022 and it’s going to see MILLIONS fighter Vanessa “Lil Monster” Demopoulos taking on Silvana Juarez during the early prelims and Demopoulos is promising “freaking explosions.”

MILLIONS reached out to Demopoulos using the Personal Video feature to ask her about her upcoming fight this Saturday and she responded with this short ask me anything video.


Demopoulos says fans are in for an exciting fight, “I’m a very explosive fighter so what else would you expect from someone like me.”  Both Demopoulos and Juarez are coming off losses, but Demopoulos put on a solid showing in her last fight by staying aggressive, and pushing it to a decision.  The last fight was also at a heavier weight class and this fight is at strawweight, a more natural fit for the fighter from Columbus, Ohio.

Demopoulos says she’s changed part of her training regiment this time around, “honestly, I’ve been resting.  I’m an over-worker, so something I’ve been doing a little bit different is I’ve actually been taking time to rest and recover.”  But when it comes to which specific skills she’s working on, Demopoulos is keeping her cards close to her chest.  

“I can not wait to go out there and showcase everything that I’ve been working, of course that’s a secret, top secret, it’s all top secret right, but the realness behind it is there are no secrets in this game, it’s all just a matter of who has worked harder and who is able to implement those skills on fight night,” says Demopoulos.

You can support Demopoulos on her fight journey by buying her merchandise and you can ask her anything you want. 

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