Angela Lee’s Unforgettable ONE Debut and New Beginnings

October 27, 2023

Image Credits: ONE Championship

Angela Lee, the renowned MMA athlete, recently reminisced about the electrifying atmosphere at her professional debut inside the Singapore Indoor Stadium, the very same venue where she made her initial mark in the world of MMA against Aya Saber. This memorable moment took place during an episode of The Aloha Hour on October 25, 2023, which was broadcasted on their YouTube channel.

During her appearance, the 'Unstoppable' Angela Lee couldn't help but recall the incredible energy of the crowd that night. The Singapore Indoor Stadium, known for hosting iconic sporting events, witnessed Lee's debut inside the Circle at ONE: Warrior’s Quest in May 2015. Angela Lee shared her thoughts on the unforgettable experience, saying, "Yeah, the crowd was wild over there, they definitely didn’t expect that and I feel like they learned a lot and over the years, they've been super receptive like you will never expect that from that type of crowd but yeah they'll get up they'll scream I've heard chants in the crowd and I was like I'm in Singapore wait what yeah it's pretty it's pretty crazy, it's dope."

On that historic day, Angela Lee introduced herself to the world by submitting Saber with an armbar in less than a round, marking the beginning of her remarkable MMA journey.

Despite residing in Hawaii, the 27-year-old Angela Lee proudly represents both Singapore and America. She has had numerous memorable moments in Singapore, including winning her world championship in 2016 and successfully defending it multiple times. Angela has always embraced her Singaporean roots with pride.

After her retirement in September 2023 at ONE Fight Night 14, Angela Lee established FightStory, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting professional fighters in their mental health struggles. This initiative aims to create a strong and supportive community for athletes dealing with these challenges, inspired by the life of her younger sister, Victoria Lee, who tragically passed away in December 2022 due to mental health issues.

Angela Lee also maintains a profile on, where fans can connect with her, purchase memorabilia, book her for virtual or in-person appearances, and explore brand deal opportunities. Stay connected with Angela Lee on MILLIONS to be a part of her journey beyond the MMA arena.