Bruce Buffer: The Voice of UFC Reveals Unique Warm-Up Routine

October 27, 2023

Image Credits: Getty Images

The magnetic voice behind UFC’s thrilling fight announcements, Bruce Buffer, has unraveled the mysteries behind his iconic pre-fight warm-up rituals, as per insights shared on Inside Sport. At 66, with a persona that reverberates through the octagon, Buffer's preparation is a confluence of energy, precision, and passion, ensuring every announcement is a masterpiece in the world of MMA.

A co-founder at, Buffer has enhanced the fan engagement experience, allowing enthusiasts to connect directly, purchase exclusive merch, or even book virtual or in-person appearances. MILLIONS has emerged as a quintessential platform, bringing fans closer to Buffer's legendary presence, further enriching the MMA experience.

Buffer’s preparation involves meticulous warm-ups, indicative of the immense energy and passion he brings to the octagon. His warm-up regime includes a series of stretches, jumps, and body loosening exercises, aimed at optimizing his voice and body, ensuring his announcements resonate with unparalleled fervor and charisma. His distinctive style, including the famed “Buffer 180” and the iconic phrase, “It’s Time,” marks the culmination of unwavering dedication, ensuring his announcements always echo with vibrancy and gusto.

Bruce’s meticulous approach illuminates the level of commitment and professionalism he brings to UFC. His evocative announcements continue to energize the arena, reverberating with the intense energy essential for the MMA battles that unfold in the octagon. Through his profile on MILLIONS, Buffer's illustrious journey, captivating announcements, and unique contributions to MMA and UFC, remain forever accessible to fans and enthusiasts worldwide.