Bruce Buffer’s Reaction to UFC 295 Changes & His Role at

October 27, 2023

Photo credit: @JohnnyBones - X, and @brucebufferufc - Instagram

As uncertainty looms over UFC 295 with Jon Jones bowing out from the main event, the voice of the UFC, Bruce Buffer, shares the collective disappointment of the MMA community. In a report by Sportskeeda, Buffer took to Instagram expressing the magnitude of loss the event has suffered due to Jones' pectoral injury.

Transitioning from the octagon’s announcements to a mentor's role, Buffer is also the co-founder of, a platform committed to uplifting the fighter community. Reflecting on his journey with MILLIONS, Buffer shared, "When they [MILLIONS] came to me and I realized that would help the fighters learn how to brand themselves and earn income beyond their fight purse...And teach them how to build their business and build their brand. This is what I'm all about."

His heartfelt commitment echoes through MILLIONS, aiming to sculpt a prosperous landscape where fighters garner substantial recognition and revenue beyond the battleground. Buffer’s aim is to harness the platform's potential, guiding athletes in navigating their brand-building journey with strategic precision, ensuring sustained success and viability.

In the wake of UFC 295's recalibration, Buffer's enduring vision and work through MILLIONS spotlight his unyielding support and transformative influence in the MMA community. His initiatives stand as a robust pillar, fostering growth, and self-sufficiency among athletes, establishing a legacy far beyond the echoes of his iconic octagon announcements.