Bruce Carrington Talks Wowing Crowd With KO At Madison Square Garden

March 24, 2022

-Shane Mercer



Boxer Bruce “Shu Shu” Carrington dazzled in one of the biggest performances of his career Saturday night, scoring an incredible knockout win over Yeuri Andujar at Madison Square Garden in New York.  

MILLIONS is using the Personal Video feature to connect with our athletes and we asked Carrington about the fight and what comes next..  He responded using a short form ask me anything video that we used to create the video above.

Here’s the original video that he sent us along with a transcription of the questions and his answers.  


Shane: What was it like to compete and win in Madison Square Garden?

Bruce: It was amazing. It was an amazing experience because it was the first time fighting in New York, my hometown and the crowd was it was amazing because everybody from the neighborhood in Brownsville they all came out. Mind you like, I wasn't expecting to get that much of an audience because I was the third bout of the night. That's pretty early in terms of like when you're fighting in any fight night. The third bout is pretty early and the house is pretty packed. But when I saw that my people came out man and it was already kind of booked up, man, it was the best feeling in the world. Then for me to get that knock out, it was like the crowd was like electric and it was just the best experience, man. It was one of my favorite moments of my whole boxing career so far. 

Shane: Can you walk us through that knockout sequence?

Bruce: It was like, for me, it was more so of I just knew I had to break that guy down because he was game. Like I knew I hurt him in the first round, right? So I kind of like was kind of like seeing if I could get him out of there pretty early, but it was kind of like he was still resilient, he showed a lot of tenacity and he was really game and I respected that, so I knew I had to invest in the body at least one, I believe it was like the 4th round when I started to like really start to focus on the body and take a lot of his wind out. Once the 5th round started, he came out blazing and I was like, okay, this is only going to last for like a good -- this is only going to last like a good 30 seconds. Then when that happened, like I'm staying on defense, picking my shots and I just set up the money shot and then it just came. 

Shane: Where do you go from here and who do you want to fight next?

Bruce: Right now, honestly, I'm just focused on my victory and celebrating right now with the family. When the time comes for the next fight day to come, I'll focus on that moral certainly. But in terms of who I want to fight next, to be honest, it's just I'm still early in my career. I'm just climbing the ranks right now and I'm just trying to build my name. So whoever I have to fight in order to do that, that's who I'm going to fight. 

Shane: What's been the key to your success so far? 

Bruce: I’m traveling out to Vegas and working in those type of conditions and the altitude and that heat, the weather conditions and running the mountains and fighting and sparring the top, a certain type of level of boxes, elite guys that I have been sparring with and working with alongside with like Jared Anderson, Troy Isley, Duke Greg and Shakur Stevenson and guys like that. Like, training alongside guys like guys, even Edgar Berlanga training along guys with like that caliber, it's like, it's definitely take you to the next level and I feel like that helped me a lot in this fight and my fights going forward. 

Shane: Do you have a message you want to share with your fans?

Bruce: Man, I want to thank everybody that came out and show support. I want to thank everybody that tuned in and watched the fight on ESPN Plus. But I definitely want to give a big shout out to Brownsville and everybody that came through to watch me fight. You guys are amazing, you guys had the building, jumping in Madison Square Garden man and it was such a dope experience and I'm so happy to be performing in front of you guys. 

Shane: How would you describe your experience on the MILLIONS platform?

Bruce: Man, the MILLIONS platform is one of the greatest things for us athletes to do to be a part of to be honest because it's like they give you a platform to where you can be able to talk to your fans and the way I'm talking to you guys and it's amazing experience to be able to do that because it's harder when it comes to other platforms. MILLIONS is a great, great way to get in touch with us. I would like each and everybody if you want to reach out and ask questions, you guys come into MILLIONS app and ask me any questions you want to ask and I'll be there to answer all those questions you want answered. But I appreciate you guys, I appreciate everybody tuning in. I appreciate all you guys for being a part of Team Carrington, being a part of the journey. Team Carrington, amen.

You can connect with "Shu Shu" using the Personal Video feature and ask him anything.   You can also continue to follow his story and fight journey by regularly checking out the MILLIONS blog