How WatchParty Experiences Can Lead to Sales When Partnering With The Right Athlete

August 18, 2022

During the pandemic, stadiums became derelict for fans, and most sporting events were a no-audience zone. With no ticket sales and other upsell products/services not getting purchased, revenue was declining.

However, this all changed when sports organizations started focusing on the current consumer demands - going digital. Because nobody could see friends or sporting events, they needed a way to rebuild this community and connection. 

This led to the creation of WatchParty platforms that allowed you to live stream sporting events with other users. Since then, it's blown up. With 76% of US fans requesting more WatchParty experiences. 

At, we’ve created a WatchParty platform that has since become the leader in the sports industry and has proven to boost sports fans' engagement and sales for brands by partnering with our large roster of athletes from all sports and associations like the NFL Alumni and MLB Alumni. To find out how brands sponsor athletes and how brands advertise to fans through WatchParties, continue reading.

Engagement is key 

With any sporting event, engagement drives future sales. That's because providing an unforgettable experience is likely to resonate and build affinity amongst consumers. 

Sports fans love sports - clearly. Therefore, why not make it more engaging by allowing them to watch sporting events with their favorite athletes? Doing this allows for a much richer experience, which is something that isn't possible in any other environment. 

Standard WatchParties have already proven to increase sports fans' engagement, with the engagement rate of events being over 74.5%. These metrics have grown since, especially since has expanded from having WatchParties with only your friends, to joining professional, well-known athletes. 

With this engagement, event organizers should only be thinking about a few things: 

  • More Engagement = More Viewers
  • More Viewers = More Brand Awareness 
  • More Awareness = More Customers
  • More Customers = More Revenue

Consumer demands have changed, and so should our sporting experiences. With our WatchParties you meet the digital requirements wanted by sports fans while providing them something extra - the athletes. 

Memorability will get increased 

Another way athlete WatchParties increases sports fans' engagement and sales is by enhancing memorability. 

Sports enthusiasts don't remember scores; they remember the emotion. For instance, who knows the score when Michael Jordan scored the iconic shot against the Cleveland Cavaliers? Probably a few die-hards but mostly nobody. However, do you remember it being the most memorable buzz-shot of all time? Most likely. 

Memorability plays a vital role in engagement and sales. Introducing professional or even retired athletes into the mix enhances the viewer's experiences and, most importantly, the event's memorability, leading to future viewership. 

Helps warm the audience 

Essentially, partnering with the right athlete for your event can help with warming the audience for the future. As the audience has already had a personal, in-depth, and memorable experience, they're more likely to return. This builds a much closer bond with the consumer and affinity towards your brand, while lowering the per-customer acquisition price. After all, it's much easier to convert loyal customers than new ones. 


WatchParties can increase sports fans' engagement and sales, but you must choose the right athletes. Choose somebody that's popular within the sport, has good interaction skills, and generally likes doing events like this. By basing your athlete selection on this, you can effortlessly find somebody that will make fans excited and engaged throughout the entire sporting event. On, our team helps provide deep analysis to pair you with the right athletes who not only fit your brand, but whose fan base has identical matches to your target demographic.

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