Ilia Topuria Confidently Prepares for Bout with Volkanovski

December 13, 2023

Image Credits: Gary A. Vasquez/USA TODAY

#5-ranked UFC featherweight contender Ilia Topuria is brimming with confidence as he gears up for a significant bout with champion Alexander Volkanovski next year. This news, originally reported by MMA News, captures Topuria’s unwavering self-assurance despite facing a formidable opponent.

Volkanovski, undefeated at 145 pounds in the UFC and a five-time title defender, poses a daunting challenge. However, the Georgian-Spanish fighter, Topuria, remains undeterred. His unblemished record, including a recent victory over Josh Emmett, fuels his bold stance. Topuria, known for his candidness, even released a video on his YouTube channel discussing the upcoming fight.

In a recent interview with ESPN Deportes' Carlos Contreras Legaspi, "El Matador" Topuria criticized Volkanovski's fighting style, labeling him a limited fighter overly reliant on leg kicks. Acknowledging the Australian’s cardio, Topuria believes the pressure he plans to exert in the ring will overwhelm the champion.

"He doesn’t stand a chance," Topuria stated emphatically. "I don’t see any holes, but I can tell how he attacks, the only attack I see is that he is going to kick my legs. He has good cardio but everyone has good cardio when they’re not under pressure." Topuria's strategy involves constant forward pressure, aiming to test Volkanovski's endurance and resilience.

The Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, boasting a 14-0 record, boldly claims that the upcoming match at UFC 298 in February 2024 will be one of the easier fights of his career. Such confidence, coupled with his proven track record, makes this encounter one of the most anticipated in the featherweight division.

Ilia Topuria invites fans to connect with him on MILLIONS, where they can purchase his merch and memorabilia, watch his streams and watch parties, and book him for appearances. This platform offers fans an exclusive insight into Topuria's preparations and personal life outside the ring.

As the clash approaches, Volkanovski has vowed to 'embarrass' Topuria, adding further intrigue to an already electrifying matchup. Both fighters, at the pinnacle of their careers, promise to deliver a spectacle that will be remembered in UFC history.

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