Regis Prograis Warns Devin Haney: Boxing Showdown Set

November 2, 2023

Image Credits: Alex Menendez/Getty Images

In the highly anticipated run-up to the December boxing match, WBC junior welterweight champion Regis Prograis sends a chilling message to Devin Haney: brace for impact. The showdown, rescheduled to December 9 at the Chase Center in San Francisco, is expected to be a monumental battle, streamed on DAZN pay-per-view, setting the stage for Haney's attempt to climb to a two-division champion.

Regis Prograis, who holds the WBC belt, has not shied away from sharing his thoughts on the competition, especially targeting Haney's strength and conditioning efforts. Haney, known for his intense preparation, has been putting in the work with none other than Manny Pacquiao's famed coach, Freddie Roach. Despite this, Prograis remains unfazed, recently commenting on social media about Haney's lack of punching power, stating, "He live in the weight room for the next 3 years and that sh*t ain’t gonna matter. If you can’t punch you just can’t punch. I’m gonna hurt this lil soft a** boy."

The boxing community is on edge as Haney diversifies his training, adding sessions with Roach to his regimen with his father Bill and Ben Davison. Still, Prograis is dismissive, boldly predicting a knockout victory and underscoring his conviction that Haney's new muscle mass and footwork improvements will be insufficient in the ring.

As both fighters prepare for the much-anticipated bout, the fans are ready for what could be a defining moment in both athletes' careers. With Regis Prograis's unwavering confidence and Devin Haney's rigorous training, the buildup to the fight has become as intriguing as the match itself promises to be.

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