February 18, 2022

MILLIONS is using the Personal Video feature to connect with our athletes, sports celebrities, and sports personalities, but someone who needs no introduction, is MILLIONS co-founder Bruce Buffer.  He is best known as the veteran voice of the octagon in the UFC and we asked him five questions.  He responded with this short ask me anything video.  

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MILLIONS: Name three of your favorite fighters of all time and why?

Buffer: Three of my favorite fighters of all time both in boxing and mixed martial arts are, number one, Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer of all time for many reasons. Aside from being charismatic, he was also political, he was a game changer and he brought boxing back to the forefront as one of the biggest sports happening at the time. He was the reigning champion far beyond that too. 

In mixed martial arts and the UFC, Georges St-Pierre, all class. One of the greatest role models both in and outside the Octagon ever. A good friend and a fine human being. Third, how can you not say Chuck Liddell? All I could think about when I think about Chuck Liddell is all the attention, all the fame he brought to the UFC because the saying for Chuck Liddell is anyone, anywhere, anytime, and he proved it over and over and over again.  There are many great fighters both in boxing and MMA but those are three of my top favorites of all time. 

MILLIONS: What fighting styles do you enjoy the most and why?  Do you train in any?

Buffer: Well, the fighting styles I've enjoyed are the ones I've trained in. I kickboxed for many, many years. I boxed, martial arts of course. But kickboxing, Muay Thai boxing has been my favorite of all time, both in competition and both in the street. And of course the base for mixed martial arts, wrestling and jiu jitsu. Love watching that. Why? You need to have all these to be the best you can be in mixed martial arts. But Muay Thai and kickboxing, my favorites. I love them. 

MILLIONS: You and your brother Michael Buffer have made several cameos in TV/movies/commercials.  Can you describe your most memorable Bruce Buffer cameo you were in/did?

Buffer: My brother Michael and I have made several cameos and TVs, movies, commercials, many other areas of sports and entertainment. But my favorites are the Super Bowl commercial I did for Budweiser. Definitely a bucket list. And, the MANSCAPED commercials. Very funny. I love having fun, making fun of myself in commercials. I do both at MANSCAPED and in the BlueChew commercials. But a movie, my brother and I appeared in a cameo together as we've done in other films was Holmes & Watson. Not one of the greatest movies of the year, but definitely a ton of fun to be in working with Will Ferrell and working with my brother Michael and our cameo in the scene we did was hilarious. So, really had a good time doing that. Many more to talk about, but those are a few just to give you an example of what we do. 

MILLIONS: You wear some awesome suites- what characteristics do you look for when buying a new suit?  Any favorites?

Buffer: You know, the suits, the jackets, the smoking jackets I wear from my exclusive tailors at My King and Bay are absolutely amazing. They're one of a kind. They get raw Jacquard silk. What we do is we pick the design that fits the event and they make it many times. They can only get enough material for one jacket. When they've had enough to make two jackets, they've auctioned it off for charity, but I always keep the one that I wear. That closet’s full upstairs, and I love every one of my jackets. It's a one of a kind style, but really important we pick and make the jackets, the pants, the whole outfits as comfortable as possible because I like to move in the Octagon and I'd like to be comfortable during my long nights of announcing fights. Plus it's a one of a kind style and I'm very happy to be with at My King and Bay. You're fantastic. My exclusive tailors, amazing at what they do. Thank you so much. 

MILLIONS: You have built yourself a brand a lot of products and companies over the years.  What’s been some that stand out as you think back?

Buffer: First and foremost, I'm a brander and a marketer. I help build brands as I did with the ‘Let's Get Ready to Rumble’ brand, working with my brother Michael, together we built that into a very large brand internationally and also with my ‘It's Time’ brand that I've built over the last 25 years announcing from the UFC Octagon, which is the base where it's all built from. A few of the awesome things that we've done are ‘The Ready to Rumble’ video games. We've released three video games over the years. Have sold millions of games. Accumulating to over $100 million in sales. Very excited about that coming on with the fourth video game soon in the future, which is in the plan. 

Other products, very excited about, my Puncher's Chance Bourbon. I love it. It's a gold medal award winning bourbon. It’s considered one of the fastest highest rated craft and still bourbons in America today and it is growing very, very fast. Very excited about Puncher’s Chance Bourbon. Also, It's Time energy drink and product coming out. That will be released in 40 different countries, followed by a line of nutritional products. Have been working on this for a couple of years. This is one of my definite bucket list products coming out, very excited about it, all natural, made for athletes in mind and everybody else, the best, most natural energy product on the market today. 

And the It's Time cologne and toiletry line coming out also in 40 countries around the world, very excited about that. Not only the cologne, but there's body wash, face wash, moisturizer, deodorant, on and on and on. Working on this for a couple of years now. The products are coming out in 2022. That along with many other items that we're working on for the future and ventures we’re working on together both my brother Michael, and for myself. 

So what can I say, be the best you can be. Set your goals. Write them down. Learn about them so when you’re set on that path, you can be the best you can be. Whether you're number one or not, you're winning and that's what I'm all about. Winning. Big cheers, no fears forever. Be the best you can be.

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